Joy Shepherd

Joy Shepherd

Author, Artist, Healthcare Professional, Wife and Mother
I take great satisfaction in what I have today. I have my own limited-addition; my husband our dog who I bought at a farm..and our three perfect children who have taught me more than any books.

I call it.."The Book of Life"

We gave them their wings...They learned how to fly..and are now three adults who make their own choices, and are not afraid to voice their opinions and they make me laugh every single day.

These real life "characters" are truly my inspiration in writing these children's books.
They live in a generation like Prince William & Prince Harry .. where "It's Ok To Say".

They can speak their truths..not be afraid..and be who they want to be.
Ralph, Corey and Isabella, Ryan and Irwin, Liza and Jeff;  you all make me proud..